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Community Radio for Austin County.

We are a 501(c)3, all donations are tax deductible. 

Be very careful with social media. If you don't know the person or organization, they very well might not be what they claim.If you can verify by knowing them and or someone you know can verify, that is the remedy. 
Austin County Local Radio Station
Fridays on KLOT are brought to you by Bellville Sports. Listen to games live.  bellvillesports.com
Austin County Community Communications is happy to bring to Austin County KLOT, 107.7 FM. Here you will find information on the music you hear. And you will find information on our programming and advertisers

We wish to thank these who helped us to replace our Emergency Alert System
Thank you  Pastor John Reasons at Bellville United Methodist Church, 234 S. Masonic St, 979-865-5976
Thank you Pastor Kevin Haug at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Cat Spring, 979-865-5444
Thank you Bill at D.B. Williams Contractor. Commercial and Residential building and remodeling, 832-289-3199 .

We are still looking for help to buy the software updates required for the EAS.
Programs and Programming
Christian Music of the 70's, 80's and beyond.
Contemporary Praise and Worship
6am-Public Affairs
7am-Bellville United Methodist Church
8am-St. Johns Lutheran in Cat Spring
9am-Shepherds Way Church in Sealy 

Fridays are brought to you by Bellville Sports,  bellvillesports.com

Midnight-5am- Christian of the 70's, 80's and beyond
5am-7am-Classic Rock
7am-noon-Top 40, 60's, 70's and little beyond
Noon-7pm-Classic Rock
7pm-11pm- Album Rock
11pm-Midnight-Christian Rock 

Saturdays we are still working on ideas. January 2019 will have special programming.


Sealy Pharmacy-979-256-3045

D.B. Williams Contractor, Commercial and Residential building and remodeling-832-289-3199, dbw.contr@yahoo.com

Frank Monk Real Estate-979-865-3558

J&L Enterprises-Virtual Assistant-267-209-0584

Bellville Sports- bellvillesports.com

Contact Us:
Austin County Community
PO Box 104
Cat Spring, Texas 78933